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A simple way to defrost the freezer

February 25, 2015

Fed up of soaking the kitchen floor when you defrost the freezer? Here’s a clever way of collecting all the water that runs out … simply pop a FloodSax sandless sandbag  or two underneath it. The sandbag simply absorbs the water, saving on all that mess. FloodSax are ideal for soaking up leaks in hard-to-reach [...]


FloodSax ‘cuts it’ for Daisy

February 21, 2015

A pack of FloodSax saved a lady thousands of dollars in flood damage. Daisy B from Tampa in Florida faced the daunting prospect of a tropical storm battering her home. And she was so pleased she was prepared as the FloodSax were ‘worth their weight in gold’ when the storm struck. Daisy said: “Thank goodness [...]


FloodSax halt tidal surge in New Jersey

February 17, 2015

The testimonials for FloodSax sandless sandbags just keep rolling in. Here’s just one story from Cris Losbanos who protected his home by placing FloodSax in front of his garage. He said: “I live in downtown Jersey City, New Jersey, about a mile away from the Hudson River. Our neighbourhood has been a known flood zone for [...]


Simple ways to save on your flood insurance

February 10, 2015

People can save on their flood insurance by being prepared and investing in anti-flood devices. There are many on the market including the pioneering FloodSax sandless sandbags. According to Daily Mirror journalist Julia Rampen said: “You can cut your flood insurance costs by adding flood defences to your home. In some cases, your insurer may [...]


Severe flooding leads to dramatic rethink on climate change

February 8, 2015

There is growing public acceptance of the human contribution to climate change, according to a new study. The latest results from a national survey show public agreement that humans are causing climate change is at its highest level for five years. According to a comprehensive report by online magazine Carbon Brief the researchers also find [...]


Morpeth folk won’t be needing FloodSax any more

February 4, 2015

It looks like the good folk of Morpeth may not be needing FloodSax anymore … which is great news for them. In 2008 the Northumberland town suffered terrible floods (pictured) and thousands of FloodSax sandless sandbags were needed to keep the filthy floodwater out of their homes. They worked well, saving homes from countless thousands of [...]


FloodSax mitigate blast from World War Two bomb

January 12, 2015

Pioneering technology provided by a Huddersfield company played a vital role in safely detonating a World War Two bomb. Sandless sandbags called FloodSax were placed around the bomb before it was disposed of in a controlled manner in a park – and the drama was captured by CCTV footage. The FloodSax – devised and manufactured [...]


Is money being wasted dredging the Somerset Levels?

December 16, 2014

It’s nearly a year since TV screens were filled with furious locals protesting at the failure to drain the Somerset Levels. They enlisted the outspoken support of their MP, stirred a political crisis, and got local flood management priorities overturned. At the time, some warned that the Levels had attracted disproportionate attention as more populous [...]


Weather bomb means more explosive skies

December 10, 2014

There’s a new phrase many of us have learned this week – and that’s ‘weather bomb.’ And, once again, it’s a term – often like the weather – imported from across the Atlantic for it’s an American phrase. Here in England we’ve got a somewhat different name for it. One that’s, well, perhaps not so [...]


Government to pump £2.3bn into more than 1,400 flood defence projects

December 4, 2014

More than 1,400 flood defence projects – including the Somerset Levels (pictured) – are to receive funding to provide better protection from flooding for hundreds of thousands of homes. The Treasury is detailing projects that will receive a share of the £2.3bn already earmarked for capital spending on flood defences over the next six years [...]


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