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Huge insurance bill nowhere near as high as 2007

April 12, 2014

THE insurance bill from Britain’s wild and wet winter is huge but still dwarfed by the claims made in 2007. The Association of British Insurers has released figures saying that the wettest winter on record is likely to result in £446m being paid in insurance claims to customers whose homes, businesses, and vehicles were flooded. [...]


Extreme weather is the UK’s number one challenge says Environment Agency

BRITAIN’S wettest winter for 250 years flooded around 7,000 homes, it can be revealed. But the Environment Agency says a further 1.4m properties deemed at risk were saved from the misery of water pouring in and around 2,500 square kilometres of farmland was also saved. The Agency’s chairman Lord Chris Smith (pictured) says the terrible [...]


Number of climate change ‘refugees’ set to rise

Britain should brace itself for a rise in floods, heatwaves and coastal storms, a UK academic involved in the most comprehensive study to date into the impact of global warming has warned. The UK is likely to face a growing number of extreme weather scenarios as a result of global warming, according to Neil Adger, [...]


Flooding hitting poorest hardest says Oxfam

Deprived areas of England have been much more vulnerable to flooding in recent years than the most affluent parts of the country, according to analysis from Oxfam. Many of the homes hit by flooding this year, as the UK suffered its wettest winter on record, were in better off areas such as the Thames Valley [...]


Top international award for innovative sandless sandbag

March 22, 2014

FLOODSAX have won a major international award. The pioneering sandless sandbag was named best cleaning product at the International Housewares Association Innovation Awards held in Chicago, USA. Pictured with the trophy are father and son Tom (left) and Nicholas Ischkum from Flood Products who are seen here with FloodSax sales manager in the USA Adam [...]


FloodSax ready to save caravan park from colossal damage

March 5, 2014

A FORWARD-thinking caravan park acted with speed to PREVENT a flooding insurance claim. Water from the River Thames threatened to flood a nearby residential caravan park and as the river continued to rise with incessant rain it seemed highly likely the water would devastate the park by flooding the homes there. So the park managers brought in specialist company [...]


MPs say Treasury must spend more to prevent flooding

MPS say funding has fallen well short of keeping pace with the ever increasing risk of flooding. A report by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee has concluded that the Treasury needs to be convinced that flood management capital funding must rise year-on-year by £20m over the next 25 years to keep pace [...]


FloodSax is vital emergency management product

February 27, 2014

AN emergency management expert says he has now shunned sandbags in favour of FloodSax. Tim Shipman provides emergency management and disaster recovery services for a company in the USA that has nine major distribution centres and around 1,700 retail locations. “I found that having a supply of FloodSax on hand to use during major weather [...]


Budget must boost spending on maintaining flood defences

SPENDING on flood risk management should be substantially increased in the coming Budget, a leading engineering organisation has said. According to the BBC the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) said the Environment Agency’s annual maintenance budget for flood defences had fallen from more than £100m in 2010-11 to £60.7m in 2014-15. David Cameron recently announced [...]


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