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‘Biblical’ rains prove flash floods can strike anywhere and at anytime

August 16, 2014

THE ‘biblical’ rainfall that caused flooding in some parts of the UK on Thursday has eased and the Environment Agency has lifted dozens of flood warnings. Heavy rain and thunderstorms, particularly over London, caused damage and disruption on Thursday night as up to a third of a month’s rain fell in a few hours, showing [...]


Underfunded flood defences leave homeowners woefully unaware of the risks

July 19, 2014

Three-quarters of the UK’s flood defences are being inadequately maintained due to budget cuts, putting homes at risk and storing up problems for the future, the government’s climate change advisers have warned. According to the Guardian as many as 500 potential new flood defence projects around the country have also been put on hold, further [...]


FloodSax wins over sceptical Louis

The testimonials continue to flood (ever pun intended) into FloodSax. Here’s one from home owner Louis Albert who was saved the misery of severe flood damage at his New Jersey home. “The bad news is I had to use a bunch of my FloodSax last week,” he said. “The great news is they worked exactly [...]


Anti-flood companies to come under close scrutiny to give customers peace of mind

July 13, 2014

A trade organisation is to rigorously check out companies offering anti-flood products to make sure they actually do what they claim they can do. The Property Care Association (PCA) has launched a new initiative that will deliver assurance and certainty to those looking to protect themselves from the worst effects of future floods. The Flood [...]


Think of climate change and people now think of flooding

July 6, 2014

WHEN people think of climate change they think of flooding, not heat, a survey has shown. Researchers found that British people perceived heatwaves had become less common in their lifetimes, while flooding had become far more common. They said the results suggested that warnings about future impacts may not be heeded if they only focused [...]


Unwanted ‘little extra’ leaves Tesco staff feeling under the weather

July 2, 2014

IT was certainly a ‘little extra’ they didn’t want. For a flash flood left a Cambridge Tesco supermarket and its staff distinctly feeling under the weather. According to the Cambridge News a flooding “disaster” hit Bar Hill Tesco four miles from Cambridge when the store was struck by a deluge. Torrential rain broke through the [...]


FloodSax save thousands of pounds damage

June 21, 2014

HERE’S a couple of testimonials to show just how FloodSax can be highly effective both inside and outside the home – and from two different parts of the world! Over in the USA Jacqueline Balestra had a flood in her laundry room but just one FloodSax sandless sandbag stopped it from spreading and saved the [...]


FloodSax save the day after flood hits hospital

June 14, 2014

  FLOODSAX may have forged their formidable reputation stopping raging floodwaters – but now they have become equally vital at dealing with floods and spills inside homes and businesses. And it saved the day by soaking up and diverting water after this hospital (pictured) in the USA suffered a major internal leak. The pioneering, award-winning [...]


Red Cross turn to FloodSax to help flood-ravaged communities

June 7, 2014

AN American charity dedicated to helping others believes ‘sandless sandbags’ are the way forward to helping people at risk of flooding. This year the American Red Cross has spent about $30,000 buying FloodSax for northern Colorado’s flood-stricken communities. Officials plan to use the pioneering, patented bags to protect city and county buildings which are places [...]


Flash flooding set to become part of the great British summer

GLOBAL warming could lead to more extreme bursts of summer downpours and increase the risk of flash flooding in Britain, experts have warned. A study by the Met Office and Newcastle University has examined how climate change could result in heavier summer rainfall. Published in the Nature and Climate Change journal, the report said: “Short duration [...]


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