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Looks like another wet winter ahead

November 22, 2014

There is a risk of further flooding in parts of the UK  as forecasters predict a wetter winter than average. In a three-month forecast for the winter period the Met Office has said the outlook “suggests an increased risk of milder and wetter than average conditions.” The Guardian reports that last winter was the wettest [...]


‘Government cuts increasing risk of flooding’

November 10, 2014

The risk of flooding is rising as a result of government funding cuts, according to a damning report from the National Audit Office which says the cuts are a false economy. The Guardian reports that half the nation’s flood defences have been left with “minimal” maintenance, according to the spending watchdog. Flooding devastated large parts [...]


Government must do more to save farmland from flooding

October 25, 2014

THE Government has admitted current policy was failing to adequately protect agricultural land from flooding, according to a report in the Farmers Guardian. Responding to a report by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) committee on the winter flooding of 2013/2014, the Government said it was ‘concerned’ the current method for allocating flood defence funding ‘failed [...]


Up to the minute flood map shows risk in your area

October 11, 2014

Here’s an up-to-the-minute map which will show you the flood risks in your area. The Shoothill GaugeMap is the first interactive map with live river level data from more than 2,400 Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales river level gauges in England and Wales. The extensive network of river level gauges across England and Wales covers [...]


Free new anti-flood guide could save you a fortune

September 27, 2014

MORE than five million people in England now live or work in properties that are at risk of flooding – and a new guide has been issued to help people work out there flood risk and what to do to try to mitigate it. The Know Your Flood Risk campaign has launched the UK’s most [...]


Three strikes and you’ll lose all flood insurance

PEOPLE will be able to get reasonably-priced flooding insurance under a new agreement … but if they don’t act after a flood to prevent more happening they’ll lose all their cover. This ‘three strike’ rule is now part of the Flood Re scheme that is expected to come into force next summer. The agreement thrashed [...]


Flash floods spell disaster for businesses

September 20, 2014

  Flash floods have caused chaos in London and Essex, shutting down businesses and causing countless thousands of pounds damage. During a “very busy two hour period” on Friday, the fire service said it received more than 100 calls to over 30 flooding incidents in Southend – and the A12 in London (pictured) was also [...]


Burst water main leaves streets “like the Amazon”

September 10, 2014

Floods can happen anywhere and at anytime. The people living in these streets at Immingham near Grimsby probably thought they were safe as flooding only usually happens during torrential thunderstorms … until a burst water main sent water cascading into their gardens and leaving thousands without running water. In places the gardens were under 1ft [...]


Flood insurance nightmare for people trying to buy new homes

September 6, 2014

People are still having a nightmare trying to get insurance for their homes if they live in areas vulnerable to flooding. A new system called Flood Re is due to be introduced in July 2015 for residential properties which should guarantee that insurance is both available and affordable – but that is certainly not the [...]


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