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Not the ideal spot for a major leak

April 25, 2015

Floods can happen in the most unexpected places … but right next to this banner wasn’t the ideal spot for Northumbrian Water. For the burst main was just feet from a sign that said ‘Working here to protect your tap water for the future’ as thousands of gallons escaped and flooded a large part of a main […]


FloodSax saves sceptical Louis thousands of pounds

April 18, 2015

Louis wasn’t sure if he’d done the right thing investing in a pack of FloodSax sandless sandbags. That is, until he needed them and now he wouldn’t be without them. Louis, who lives in New Jersey, said: “Enclosed is another order for FloodSax. The bad news is I had to use a bunch of the […]


Who you’re gonna call? Floodbusters!

OK, so you live in a tower block and water starts to leak through your ceiling. What you’re gonna do. Well, when it happened in an American skyscraper they brought in ‘Floodbusters’ in the form of a few FloodSax sandless sandbags. Popped in the right place they soaked the water up until a plumber could […]


Would you pay this ferryman?

April 11, 2015

This Derbyshire youngster could just be the Sir Alan Sugar of the future. For when his street was flooded in the village of Woodville in South Derbyshire James Stephenson came up with an entrepreneurial answer. He inflated his dinghy and became tollmaster, offering rides for 20p per journey and his photo was taken by his […]


Flash flood sweeps cars down a raging torrent

If you’re ever in doubt about the phenomenal power of water then watch this video in the In Action section on our website. It captures the amazing moments a flash flood in the Australian town of Toowoomba in Australia broke a river’s banks and swept vehicles in a car park away. As the drama unfolds […]


Is the road a river or the river a road?

April 4, 2015

Heavy rain and flash floods in Louisiana caused chaos across the State and on this highway huge lorries were forced off the road by the sheer power of the water and into fast-flowing water running alongside. Emergency services made more than 100 water rescues in the Kentucky area on Friday as a severe storm flooded […]


Flooding an ever present risk for millions in UK

April 1, 2015

The risk of flooding is ever present for millions of people across the UK every year. It is now reckoned that as many as five million homes and businesses – that’s around in in six nationwide – are at risk of flooding from coastal, river and surface water. A report by the Public Accounts Committee […]


Why on earth is this dear old lady watering a pillowcase on her doorstep?

March 22, 2015

  You may think it somewhat bizarre that Shirley is using a watering can to wash a pillowcase on her doorstep. But she’s actually way ahead of others when it comes to preventing floods, for Shirley has invested in FloodSax sandless sandbags which means her northern home can be protected from floods outside and leaks […]


Cost of flooding in UK set to double to a mind-boggling £11bn

THE number of people at risk from flooding caused by rivers will rise by many millions in the coming years – and the cost of flooding in the UK will double to a staggering £11bn. A study by the World Resources Institute (WRI) says that over the next 15 years the risk of people affected by […]


Did flood story really turn The Archers into Archenders?

March 15, 2015

  IT has been a much-loved radio programme for generations – but did Radio 4’s The Archers go too far when the fictional village of Ambridge was flooded? Some listeners claimed the recent ‘weather bomb’ story was sensationalist and far-fetched while others raised an eyebrow (or two) when the BBC joined the fray by giving […]


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