While everyone is concentrating on the storm due to hit the UK on Sunday we’ve looked beyond that to the rest of March’s weather … and it will soon make February’s bizarre spell of brilliantly sunny and warm weather a very distant memory.

For the Met Office has just revealed its forecast for the rest of this month and we could be in for a rough ride.

The predominant problems people face will be bouts of blustery and wet weather starting with Storm Freya hitting the UK on Sunday into Monday.

This will hammer us with rain and gales with western parts of England and Wales hit hardest. Next Monday and Tuesday will stay unsettled with wet and windy weather at times.

Then for the rest of March expect snow on northern hills and blustery showers with brief respites in the form of a few sunny spells.

The Met Office says: “The best of any drier weather will probably be in the east. Strong winds and gales are likely in exposed areas, particularly in the northwest. Temperatures will be near or slightly below normal for the start of spring with the continued threat of overnight frosts where skies clear. On high ground in the north it may be cold enough for some snow to fall with the heaviest rainfall most likely in the northwest.”

And then March 16 to March 30 will see more spells of rain and strong winds with brighter showery periods inbetween.

The Met Office states: “The heaviest rainfall will probably be in the west and snow is likely over high ground in the north, possibly to lower levels here at times. There will be periods of mild and cold weather with overnight frosts still possible.”

And, finally, by the end of the month the weather may start to improve.

The Met Office states: “By late March there are signs that the weather could become more settled with prolonged drier spells, especially in the south.”

And if it does it may well prove the old saying correct that “March comes in like a lion but out like a lamb.”

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* Written by Andy Hirst at AH! PR http://www.ah-pr.com/