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Water management for spills, leaks and flooding for homes and businesses

Discover how FloodSax ® are a highly effective alternative to traditional sandbags.

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A world-beating product from Environmental Defence Systems Ltd

FloodSax® holding back filthy floodwater FloodSax® close-up FloodSax® are quick and easy to deploy FloodSax® can save a fortune in water damage FloodSax® are highly effective as a wall against water FloodSax® are strong enough to stop a powerful torrent of water

One product yet so many ways to use it

  • FloodSax go from vacuum-packed to tough 'sandbags' in under five minutes

    Stopping floods

    FloodSax® are exceptionally tough and can stop a powerful torrent of water in its tracks. Just look at the video of how they saved a Yorkshire company from being flooded and check out how this powerful water jet fails to shift Floodsax® and they have even been known to hold back the sea.

  • Just soak Floodsax® in water to absorb and enlarge them.

    Home emergencies

    But they can also be vital in those little domestic emergencies. If you have a cracked pipe, your toilet has a blockage and is overflowing or water is pouring out of your bath, pop a Floodsax® under and it'€™ll soak up the water. If your washing machine has sprung a leak put a FloodSax® in front to stop it spreading.

  • Floodsax® in action being used to stop flooding at a business in West Yorkshire

    Diverting water

    And then there are times when you might want to divert water such as on this road where it was being pumped out of a flooded residential area and back into a pond or deep in this canal lock that was being restored by British Waterways workers.

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UK flood warnings

This information is updated every 15 minutes and comes directly from The Environment Agency.

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