A barrier of FloodSax alternative sandbags keeps torrential floodwater out of businesses A barrier of FloodSax alternative sandbags keeps torrential floodwater out of businesses

New handy guide shows how businesses can protect themselves from the horrendous costs of flooding

Around 300,000 businesses across the UK are thought to be vulnerable to flooding so a new guide has just been published to help them to keep the water out.

The publication called Flood Handbook For Your Business shows people the often simple flood prevention measures they can take to avoid facing colossal flood damage should the worst happen.

It’s estimated that 40% of businesses never reopen once they’ve been flooded but, according to the Environment Agency, most businesses can save up to 90% on the cost of lost stock and moveable equipment by taking action to prepare in advance for flooding.

This free e-guide helps businesses to plan, prepare and take action and includes case studies showing how businesses have kept floodwater out.

It also has a handy flood template plan for businesses along with advice about flood insurance.

The guide warns: “Not all standard business insurances include cover for flood damage so check your policy. It’s not just damaged premises and stock that will affect you either, but interruption to business continuity. You can usually obtain or add this to part of a business insurance package so please check your existing policy covers your business’ needs.”

The guide explains the different types of flooding and the impact they can have including river flooding, surface water flooding, groundwater flooding and sewer flooding.

It has been co-authored by Matt Tandy, a chartered water and environment manager and flood resilience expert Mary Dhonau OBE.

Matt said: “We are seeing an increasing threat of flooding across the country driven by unpredictable weather conditions and the changing climate. Flooding can occur anywhere and the disruption and impact on livelihoods can be huge. It therefore pays to be prepared.

“Being flooded can paralyse a business for many weeks, if not months, which could create major disruption or even financial pressures. We want to help business owners learn what actions they can take now.”

Ben Plummer from the Environment Agency said the guide will help businesses to “find out more about options including airbrick covers, installing non-return valves on waste pipes, using flood resistant coatings on walls and using flood barriers to stop water coming through doorways.”

One flood mitigation barrier often used by businesses are FloodSax alternative sandbags which have saved companies hundreds of thousands of pounds in flood damage.

They are space-saving to store and quick and easy to deploy so businesses are prepared 24/7 and 365 days a year.

To download the Flood Handbook for Your Business simply click here