London has suffered terribly from flooding in recent times London has suffered terribly from flooding in recent times FloodSax alternative sandbags keeping dirty floodwater out of a home FloodSax alternative sandbags keeping dirty floodwater out of a home FloodSax soaking up a flood on the  London Underground FloodSax soaking up a flood on the London Underground

London is not prepared for flooding which is why many Londoners now use FloodSax alternative sandbags to protect their homes and businesses

London is ill-prepared for flooding to such an extent there is a ‘lethal risk’ to its most vulnerable communities.

So says a hard-hitting independent report called The London Climate Resilience Review commissioned by the Mayor of London which has made urgent recommendations to both the UK Government and London.

The report follows the flash floods in 2021 and a 40°C heatwave in 2022.

The Review gathered evidence from individuals, communities and organisations including the NHS, Transport for London, London Fire Brigade, the Metropolitan Police, borough councils, the Greater London Authority, UK Government, NGOs, the financial services sector, sports and cultural institutions as well as representatives of vulnerable groups.

The interim report states: “A step change in adaptation planning and investment is needed to allow the capital to withstand the disastrous effects of climate change, such as more intense and frequent heatwaves, more intense rainfall, flash flooding and sea level rise. 

“Climate change presents a lethal risk to Londoners with some communities more vulnerable than others, including low-income households, the elderly, minority communities, children, youth and vulnerable health groups.” 

It stresses that action is needed now to prevent major flooding damage to London, including installing sustainable drainage systems and creating a Strategic Surface Water Authority to tackle flooding caused by heavy rain. 

But this won’t happen overnight and short-term flood protection and resilience is needed now. 

Bob Ward, Chair of the London Climate Change Partnership, said: “This timely and thorough Review correctly highlights the threats posed by the growing impacts of climate change on London, including from heavier rainfall and more intense heatwaves which are disrupting lives and livelihoods across the capital. These impacts will increase in frequency and severity for at least the next three decades.” 

Many London boroughs, along with businesses and hundreds of London residents, now have FloodSax alternative sandbags so they are prepared for flooding anytime day or night all year round. FloodSax are space-saving to store yet quick and easy to deploy. 

They were devised by Yorkshire-based entrepreneur Richard Bailey who said London is particularly vulnerable to flooding with so many apartments at basement or street level. 

He said: “Some London boroughs have used FloodSax for a while but we saw a sharp increase in orders from other boroughs after the 2021 floods which showed the tremendous power of water and the destruction it can cause. 

“Water wrecks everything it touches and with so many basement and ground-flood flats at risk in London, the danger they will become flooded is ever present. People think councils will come to save them with sandbags if imminent flooding is forecast but that’s simply not the case. Councils have absolutely no responsibility to provide sandbags or other temporary flood prevention measures to anyone. People must protect their own homes and businesses.”

After the 2021 flash floods in London it was revealed that almost half its hospitals, one in five schools and a quarter of London’s rail stations are at risk of flooding. 

The statistics revealed by City Hall also say around 200,000 homes and workplaces are at medium or high risk of surface water floods.

Hackney, Brent, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Islington, Hammersmith and Fulham are all at particularly high risk of flooding.

London Underground stations are often flooded with FloodSax used on the Tube to stop floodwater or soak it up.

Flash flooding can happen anywhere at any time with people having virtually no time to react which is why FloodSax are needed so badly as they are incredibly flexible and multi-purpose.

In their dry state the gelling polymer inside FloodSax can quickly soak up water dripping or leaking inside buildings to stop damage from spreading. Immerse them fully in water and they absorb the water and retain it, transforming them into instant sandbags but without any sand so they are way more environmentally friendly than traditional sandbags.

Around 3 million have now been sold worldwide for flood resilience, flood protection and flood control. To find out where to get them got to