Sandless sandbag

The best alternative sand bag you will ever need especially as many people ask "do sandbags really work?" as flood barriers for effective flood mitigation and flood prevention.  FloodSax sandless sandbags (which people also call Floodsacks or Floodbags) are ideal anti-flood defences to protect your home and business both inside and out from floods and leaks and show up just what's wrong with traditional sandbags. We are a Yorkshire company and can provide an immediate response in our region and very quick delivery throughout the UK.

How alternative sandbags work to prevent flooding

FloodSax are an alternative sandbag ideal for flood defence, flood mitigation and flood prevention and are quick and easy to deploy as effective flood barriers for people asking the vital question 'how do I flood-proof my home or business?'

FloodSax sandless sand bags are transformed from being as light as a pillowcase to become better than traditional sandbags in around 8 minutes to provide you with reliable flood protection. It means you don't need to ask 'where do I get sandbags' when a flood is about to strike as local authorities have no responsibility to provide sandbags at all.

FloodSax alternative sandbags are now used by facilities management companies, business continuity and resilience managers, emergency planning managers and flood risk managers and are a must for people living on floodplains.

For FloodSax flood protection to work all you need to do is add water and watch these alternative sandbags miraculously expand so they are ready for all kinds of emergency sandbag tasks from providing flood barriers for doors to flood protection for offices and commercial buildings.

The semi-porous inner liner within FloodSax contains a special gelling polymer with hundreds of absorbent crystals which absorbs the water to become taut and is an ideal flood management product for those looking for highly effective solutions to flooding. 

They can be expanded in water in a bath, sink, bucket, hosepipe or even the floodwater itself. Once the water is in there, it stays there and the bags act just like sandbags to keep floods at bay. They are designed so they mould into doorways to keep floodwater out.

The semi-porous inner liner within FloodSax contains a special gelling polymer which absorbs 20 kilos of water.

Before they are activated FloodSax alternative sandbags are incredibly lightweight, amazingly weighing just 7 ounces yet once expanded a row of standard 500mm by 450mm by 200mm FloodSax are strong enough to stop a powerful torrent of water in its tracks. Each row of FloodSax will keep around 18cms (7ins) of water out and have proved themselves as flood barriers time and again worldwide.

Although they are often deployed outside as a barrier to prevent floodwater from getting into homes or business they can be used inside to soak up leaks and spills in hard to reach places such as beneath faulty boilers, radiators and pipes.

People searching for them on the internet call them all kinds of different names including gelbags, floodsacks, polymer bags, sandbags other, polymer sand bags, floodbags ... but their proper name in FloodSax.

The key thing is they SAVE in every sense of the word.


Save Mess

When flooding strikes it’s powerful enough to send water back up into homes from sewers, flooding bathrooms with filthy water. Just one FloodSax popped down the toilet prevents this.


Saves Trauma

Suffering from flooding is as miserable and traumatic experience as you’re likely to suffer in life. Floodwater causes immense damage, forcing people out of their homes for months while they dry out and then face extensive repair work and an incredible amount of hassle. FloodSax can prevent all this by protecting your doors and air vents to stop the floodwater from getting in.


Save Property

FloodSax have proved to be highly effective as they give instant protection from flooding, leaks and spills. Just 30 of them built into a wall protected £360,000 worth of equipment belonging to a Yorkshire warehouse as torrential floodwater poured towards their premises. Director Lynn Dare said: “FloodSax really saved the day. They have been absolutely brilliant. There was a raging torrent coming down the hill and three layers of 10 sacks held it back from our door.’’


Save Clean-up

Sandbags can deteriorate over time and eventually fall apart unlike FloodSax which are clean, dry and easy to store. Sandbags can also be messy to clean up after the floodwater has subsided.


Save The Environment

FloodSax don’t need to use the earth’s natural resource such as sand and after they’ve been used can be simply and easily disposed of swiftly in landfill sites where they will decompose over time.