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FloodSax® have been deployed around the world saving homes and business from the misery and astronomical cost of flooding

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Amazing footage showing the terrible power of floodwater

Flash flood devastates parts of Scotland and turns this road into a river

You'll never park near a river again after you've seen this

Everything in this video happened in just 30 minutes in Toowoomba, Australia. Frightening stuff.

FloodSax® are designed so the elderly and frail can have them in action in minutes

FloodSax® are endorsed by the National Disabled Fire Association and discover for yourself how easy they are to lift, handle and deploy to protect your property. Anyone can do it!

FloodSax® handle the power of a torrential flood

Imgine you own a business with equipment worth £360,000 at the mercy of torrential floodwater heading your way. What do you do? Find out what happened to this firm.

See how FloodSax® hold back the sea ... and a whole lot more!

FloodSax® Saves Home During Flash Flooding and Rapids - Melbourne Christmas 2011

FloodSax® helped a family save their home from water damage caused by frightening flash flooding in suburban Moonee Ponds in Australia. Luckily they had a supply of FloodSax® on hand as they had no time to call for assistance. Old drainage systems were unable to cope with the extreme deluge, turning streets and lanes into rivers in a matter of minutes. The entire family helped to build a wall of FloodSax® by using the floodwater itself to ‘energise’ each bag and they stopped the torrent from wrecking their home.

FloodSax® – now known in Australia as the ‘water extinguisher’

Video shows how effective FloodSax® are at soaking up water and fluid spills

Protect your home or business in under five minutes with FloodSax®

Our Australian partner Grantley Reed demonstrates how it’s done Down Under

See FloodSax® in action on TV in the USA

Presenters prove how FloodSax® beat sandbags when it comes to dealing with floods in the aftermath of a disaster as they prove on TV’s Disaster House

FloodSax® in Germany

Here’s how Germany is finding out how FloodSax® are so effective at halting water in its tracks

FloodSax® demonstration in front of a live American TV audience

Amazed audience watches as FloodSax® is energised in minutes

FloodSax® in Colombia

Watch how a TV crew captures the moment FloodSax® are used to halt torrential floods in Colombia

FloodSax® on German TV

München TV crew discovers how a small wall of neatly-packed FloodSax® sandless sandbags can save a business from floodwater

Doctors say FloodSax® is the right flood prescription

Doctors of the USA Show profile FloodSax® in the studio

FloodSax® way forward for Texan city

Bill Kerber, emergency management co-ordinator for the city of Kemah on the Texan Gulf Coast, reveals that FloodSax® are the way forward for dealing with the flood risks from heavy rain

10 News at Florida TV station WTSP profiles FloodSax®

News report shows just how quickly FloodSax® can be energised and in action to stop floods

Houston TV news shows how FloodSax® can save homes during tropical storms

ABC 13 news bulletin reveals how sandless sandbags keep rising floodwater at bay

Eco chief discovers just how green FloodSax® can be

Green Cross Australia chief executive Mara Brun talks to Grantley Reed from FloodSax® about how they are replacing traditional sandbags. The organisation helps people adapt to changing climate in ways that embrace sustainability and community resilience.

USA TV weather channel features FloodSax

Major feature on FloodSax by American TV weather show Weather Proof

FloodSax hits news bulletins in the USA

Watch how FloodSax work to hold back torrential floodwater, protecting homes from massive damage

Red Cross stocks up on FloodSax to help flood-stricken communities in Colorado, USA

The American Red Cross has spent about $30,000 buying FloodSax for Northern Colorado’s flood-stricken communities.

Fire Chief Kurt Vogel said: “I think it’s awesome. I love technology and this is just amazing.”

Hurricanes cause utter devastation

Make sure you always have FloodSax ready for flash flooding and hurricanes

FloodSax making headlines in the USA

Footage shows why British invention is doing so well in the States

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