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FloodSax® stop water in its tracks

FloodSax ® are transformed from being as light as a pillowcase to as tough and heavy as sandbags within minutes. You can fit 20 FloodSax® into a cardboard box so they can be ready for action anytime, any place, anywhere.

FloodSax® diverted the flow of this swollen stream Boxes of FloodSax® being carried to help with a flood in the USA FloodSax® stopping torrential floodwater from wrecking a business

How they work

WHEN floods strike you have little time to act.

FloodSax® are transformed from being as light as a pillowcase to become as tough and heavy as sandbags within minutes

Twenty fit into a cardboard box so can be ready for action anytime, any place, anywhere unlike sandbags that need vast warehouse storage space, are heavy and expensive to shift and require huge manpower and lorries to get them to the scene. If you think councils will react quickly to a flooding emergency by providing you with sandbags you are, unfortunately, burying your head in the sand.

Countries worldwide are being devastated by floods and in the UK alone more than 5.5 million – or one in six properties – are at risk of flooding but anyone can face a flooding emergency in their home such as a burst pipe at any time.

The semi-porous inner liner within FloodSax® contains gelling polymer which absorb water to become taut in just over 3 minutes. Once the water is in there, it stays there and the bags act just like sandbags to keep floods at bay. They are designed so they mould into doorways to keep floodwater out.

In short, FloodSax® take away the risk and are incredibly easy to deploy.

FloodSax barrier being built to hold back torrential floodwater in Yorkshire
FloodSax ® prevented this flash flood from badly damaging a business in West Yorkshire


  • FloodSax® are endorsed by the National Disabled Fire Association (NDFA).
  • They are lightweight, just 200 grams (7 ounces) before they are activated.
  • FloodSax® absorb water to become taut weighing 20kg (44lbs) in just over 3 minutes after absorbing 20 litres of water.
  • Can be expanded in water in a bath, a sink, a bucket, a hosepipe or even the floodwater
  • Can be used to divert water away from a building and down a drain.
  • FloodSax® expand evenly, unlike other similar products in the market.
  • Easy to store and are vacuumed-packed to save even more room.
  • FloodSax® last for 5 years in storage.
  • Have them ready in the house all the time for burst pipes or accidental floods.
  • Can be used by people who would not be able to lift sandbags and inflated right next to where you need them
  • Biodegradable and so can be dumped in landfill sites
  • Makes an ideal gift for people in flood-risk areas
  • Every home and business is potentially at risk from floods -€“ even if it is a burst pipe. FloodSax® can be used anywhere from professional offices to building sites and from granny’€™s ground €“floor flats to the top of skyscrapers.
FloodSax barrier created to divert swift-running floodwater away from a Huddersfield business
FloodSax ® diverting swift-running floodwater away from a Huddersfield business and preventing collosal damage
FloodSax® vs. Sandbags
FloodSax® Sandbags
Easy to store Yes No
Can be vacuumed-packed Yes No
Thousands can be quickly transported in a van Yes No
Lightweight before they are used Yes No
Can be stored for a long time Yes No
Can be expanded at scene of a flood Yes No
Can be stored in small depots Yes No
Environmentally friendly Yes No

Stopping floods

FloodSax® are exceptionally tough and can stop a powerful torrent of water in its tracks. Just look at the video of how they saved a Yorkshire company from being flooded and check out how this powerful water jet fails to shift FloodSax®. They have even been known to hold back the sea.

FloodSax demonstration
FloodSax® holding back the sea!

Diverting water

And then there are times when you might want to divert water such as on this road where it was being pumped out of a flooded residential area and back into a pond or deep. British Waterways use them in canal locks undergoing renovation to keep water seeping in away from its staff carrying out the work. People use FloodSax® outside their homes to divert water away from airvents and directly down open manhole covers in to the sewers.

FloodSax® are tough enough to divert fast-flowing water
FloodSax® are tough enough to divert fast-flowing water

Home emergencies

But they can also be vital in those little domestic emergencies. If you have a cracked pipe, your toilet has a blockage and is overflowing or water is pouring out of your bath, pop a FloodSax® under and it’ll soak up the water.If your washing machine has sprung a leak put a FloodSax® in front to stop it spreading. And after the flood has finished FloodSax® can play a vital role in the clean-up and recovery stage. Pop them on the floor and they will soak up all the flilthy floodwater with each bag absorbing 22 litres.

FloodSax® inventor Richard Bailey explains how they work to council officials
FloodSax® inventor Richard Bailey explains how they work to council officials

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